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What will you do with this paper?

Posted on May 26, 2016 at 7:37 PM
I saw a picture the other day of a student in cap and gown, eating alone in a restaurant; he seems to be wondering about something. The caption read: "I just realized that I have gone from undergraduate to unemployed". How sad. How true.
Yet it seems that those still in college--whether freshmen or seniors--have not, or have refused to, grasp the seriousness of the situation. Newsweek (Millenial College Graduates: Young, Educated, Jobless. Leah McGrath Goodman, 05/27/2015, 6:22 AM) writes that "This spring, an estimated 2.8 million university graduates will enter the U.S. workforce with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees..."  While the national jobless rate hovers about 5.5 percent, of younger workers, those 18-29 years of age, nearly 14 percent are unemployed.
How much research, thought, and consideration have these students given to precisely where they are going, or wish to go? In my classrooms, I often ask students what they plan to do after graduation--in more cases than I would care to mention, they simply do not have a clue. They are walking away with tens of thousands of dollars in education debt, yet no inkling of a road to follow. Worse yet, many students opt for the easy street: they look for the easy courses, the easy degrees; something that will qualify them as university graduates. My goodness, for what? Why?
People study to become productive members of society. To contribute to the business world, to the community, to the family, for the betterment of all. Or maybe not! They study so they may be qualified for ... well ... something, anything. They have been told that they must have that piece of parchment to get ahead--forget that many people have gone through school, but school has not gone through them. And, truth be told, unless one has a pedigree from the exclusive club of the very best rated schools (where contacts were made and relationships established), where one may be selected by a major company even before graduation, one will be in the arena with multitudes other folks, who have a degree and not much else.
What if people attempted the picture-painting approach? Strategic thinking (before strategic planning, which is far too often neither strategic, nor a plan).
Take a look at perhaps five years into the future. Where do you see yourself? Where do you want to see yourself?
Where do you live?
What car are you driving?
Where do you contribute your knowledge, skills, time, energy? (I did not say "where do you work?" Unless, of course, all you want is a "job")
Are you married, single; kids, no kids?
Where are you spending your vacations and leisure moments?
What are you studying so as to keep yourself on the cutting edge of your career?
The list can be quite extensive, and you must continue with your own questions.
You may find two or three scenarios that are pleasing. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to pursue three different avenues in life. Yes, you can, assuming you are willing to dedicate numerous years to one before moving on to another--simultaneously, probably not.
With these questions and dreams, proceed to paint a picture of you at that moment in time. Immerse yourself in each picture so that you are able to select one preferred stage. Then begin a backward trek, analyzing each step that you will need to take, each course that you will need to study, the people you will need to meet, the places you will need to travel, to get you to where your picture will be complete.
In other words, begin with the end in mind then design the avenues that will get you to your goal.  While it is true that there is no road, as each of us makes his/her own road as we walk (should you find a road already made, it is a road made by someone else for their purposes; a road you should not choose), this method helps you build your own future by carefully deciding where you seek to be, and precisely what you need to get there.

Categories: Personal Growth

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Escalante, your post is really brilliant! There are a lot of students who have some plan to do something after graduation. On the contrary, there also some student who have no plan yet to do something after graduation. This is really sad. It varies student to student. Thank you so much for your discussion.
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Most of the students don't have a dream about what to do in life. I was also one like this only. But we can't say that they never reach success, but they're many pass out graduates who didn't get any job in their favourite field, so they are roaming as jobless. We should be ready to accept the truth and move on with some other job. Any job has its value.
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I thought when I was still studying and finishing my studies that school is really hard not knowing that life after finishing your studies is so much harder. There will be more challenges and breakdowns because of the things that are coming our way. There are times when we can no longer think of some solutions that will help us solve those problems. I am now working so I know how hard it is to survive life. But since I do have dreams for my family, I got no choice but to fight for my family. They are the reason why I am still fighting.
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With conventional moneylenders, it will be much harder to arrive an advance with awful credit. Be that as it may, private moneylenders gaining practical experience in business advances for terrible credit will be significantly all the more lenient.

I have done a bit of research about US student-debts right now, and it is skyrocketing. Student loans have seen an almost 157 percent cumulative growth over the last 11 years. Colleges are considered by many as temples of knowledge. The belief is that nobody can really harm themselves by going to college. They may or may not gain. But no harm will be done. This is not true! This belief is totally baseless. In fact, millions of people are today stuck with loans because they have been swindled out of their money by colleges. Colleges were temples of education when trusts ran them for philanthropy. In the real world, colleges have become quite different. They are hungry, greedy, for-profit institutions that will try to rip off every last penny that their students have. Once people stop imagining the halo around colleges and look at them as possible financial predators, the student debt crisis will suddenly start making sense.
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